Bird Notes-some background information

12/7St. Helens Bridge, 8.40 Looking for Common Sandpipers today but saw Drake Ruddy Duck on the River instead.
14/7Hersey NR, 19.00 My first returning Common Sandpiper on the Left side of main channel.
15/7Newtown NR East Hide, 6 Grey Plover, 1 in full Summer Plumage and another in part Summer,
A Bar Tailed Godwit was preening on the side of Clammerkin channel, with the tail showing well, the first one I've seen since 12th Feb.
At least 1 Whimbrel with poor crown stripe but bold eyestripes and short curved bill.
From the Boathouse there were a possible 2(?) by the Harbour entrance, and 2 flew up Causeway Lake calling.
16/7Fishbourne Beach WeBS count included 102 Mediteranean Gulls on the shingle banks, the highest number I've ever seen here,
-mostly adults, with a group of 94 together.
Also Common Gulls have returned with 5 here today.
There were 12 Egrets roosting, with a Heron, in a tree to the E. side of Quarr "fish" pond.
An unusual addition was 1 Greenshank at Wootton Bridge (E. side of millpond).
21/7Dynamite Pool (RSBP) Went out there with GS and CM. 1 Green Sandpiper was my first since the spring, also 3 Whimbrel flew in,
About 5 Teal, plenty of Lapwing and 3 Curlew. Plus the usual Little Egrets, Herons and Canada Geese.
22/7Hersey NR, 16.30 Waders increasing, with 3 Common Sandpiper, 2 Greenshank, and a Dunlin in Summer Plumage.
4f Tufted Duck and the Escaped Chiloe Wigeon. With lots of Mediterranean Gulls in the area now.
28/7Bembridge Down, 8.30 Some fresh migrants in the Valley W. of the Fort including;-4 Lesser Whitethroat, c15 Willow Warbler,
and a Cuckoo which looks like a late Adult. (Usually get Juveniles at this time of year)
An amazing show of butterfies, mainly Male Chalkhill Blues, only a couple of Females, 1 Clouded Yellow.
6/8Brighstone Down, 8.30 Young juv and adult Dartford Warbler, these are very scarce this year, so good news.
(The cold winter, wet spring and extensive gorse clearances seem to have hit them hard).
A good show of Willow-Chiffs, and a close-up view of a Sparrowhawk dashing though the bushes.
16/8Dungewood Lane
Atherfield, 10.00
Seawatching at St Catherine's Point didn't produce much more than Gannets,
Intended to return though Chale Green -but the road was closed! so decided to visit Dungewood Lane.
I was looking for Partridges but saw none, the lane was full of migrants flitting along the hedges
-quite promising with Yellowhammers, Whitethroats and Willow Warblers all around.

The big suprise came at the bend to the farm, sitting on the Hedge Parsley heads was a
Red Backed Shrike-an stunning adult male in summer plummage! (I've only seen Juvs. before)

Went back to car for Telescope and Phone to alert other birders, but most didn't answer their phones!
-There were also 2 Whinchat on the fenceline, and 2 Ravens flying overhead.

31/8Whale Chine (8.00)
Atherfield Pt.
Dungewood Lane
Very windy but a good Raptor day, a Peregrine was seen over the sea then came along the cliffs
First a Kestrel, then a Raven went after it. Only 1f Wheatear on the cliff top today.
50+ Herring Gulls in the Bay were seen later on the fields N. of Whale Chine,
Here were 85 Herring Gull, 1 LBB, 1 GBB & 2ad. Yellow Legged Gulls plus some immatures(?)

Checked for RB Shrike at Dungewood Lane but not found, 3 Red Legged Partridges ran along the lane
There was a Wheatear on the fenceline, overhead 2 Buzzards, then a Raven mobbed by 30 Jackdaw to the W.

Driving back past Atherfield Farm I spotted a Hobby(?) dashing over the fields chasing hirundines,
3 Yellow Wagtails flew over to the S. There were hundreds of Corvids around today.

2/9Ventnor Esp (8.00)
-Seawatch with CM.
Very windy from the W. with showers and a fairy rough sea. Regular Gannets passing though from E. and W. with many Juvs and Sub Adults.
There were groups of Swallows moving w. just over the waves, then a single juv Kittiwake came by W.
2 Sandwich Terns came right by the Marina. Of more interest was a Dk. Phase Arctic Skua also W.

The highlight was a dark Shearwater Sp. fairly distant going W. @10.00. Direct flight and shearing over the waves, also climbing up and diving into the sea near Gannets.
We thought this was likely to be a "Balearic", (but Sooty also possible)
Just as we were leaving a drake Scoter came W. quite close @ 10.13. Not bad in just 2 hrs. watching.

17/9Rofford Marsh (15.00) I missed the 4 Little Stints yesterday, luckily they were still here today, but rather difficult to see at the back,
with 2 Dunlin, a Snipe and a Greenshank.
Another was seen at the Station Pond earlier, but not re-located,
however there 3 more Snipe, Shoveler, lots of Teal, 11 Wigeon and a Tufted Duck.
11/12Fort Victoria (7.20) A SW Gale, blowing rain sideways today! Looked a good day for Petrels
Very quiet though with just Black Headed Gulls and Egrets going by, then a few Turnstone

Just about to give up when a Dunlin Sized bird appeared at 8.45, just off the seawall blowing E. in the wind,
Even with bins it was clearly a Leach's Storm Petrel, on the Scope the views were brilliant,
the White Rump, Forked Tail, Silvery grey wing patches etc. Several times it appeared to land on the water,
but was always a few inches above the waves. It gradually drifted out into the rougher water and mist
where I lost it about 8.50. You couldn't wish for better views than this.
(There were video shots -which unfortunately didn't work! I must have Paused it -instead of Recording!)